'If This Guy Ate Right...': 7ft NBA Legend Shares Controversial Opinion On How Michael Jordan's Legacy Could've Been Even Greater

Michael Jordan
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Ernesto Cova

Michael Jordan is considered by most fans as the greatest player in NBA history. He turned the Chicago Bulls from an ever-struggling franchise to the biggest powerhouse in basketball, leading them to six championships and building one of the most prominent dynasties in sports.

All that happened during a time when players didn't take care of their bodies the way they do nowadays.

Jordan stayed up late playing cards and loved cigars and drinking, yet none of that stopped him from dominating.

Olden Polynice Calls Jordan Out

That's why former NBA player Olden Polynice believes Jordan could've been even better if it wasn't for his unhealthy habits:

“Can you imagine if this guy ate right instead of eating McDonald’s, did not drink and did not smoke?” Polynice said. “Can you imagine that Michael Jordan? And actually worked out on the regular?”

Jordan Doesn't Care About The GOAT Debate

Even so, Jordan has never cared much about that GOAT distinction. Per him, it's nothing but wishful thinking and marketing:

"First of all, you're never gonna say, 'Who's the greatest of all time?' to me. I think that's more for PR and more for selling stories and getting hype. Jack and Tiger never played against each other," Jordan said. "They never played in the same tournament, they never played with the same equipment, they never played with the same length of golf course."

It's Unfair, Says Jordan

Jordan believes there's no way to talk about the GOAT because he never got to play against some of the legends of the game:

"I never played against Wilt Chamberlain, I never played against Jerry West. To now say that one's greater than the other is being a little bit unfair... This is one way you can judge the two: How much impact did each change or evolve the game?" MJ continued.

You Can't Compare Eras

Per no. 23, there's no way to compare players from different eras, as they played under a different set of rules, and some of them didn't even play the same position:

"I won six championships, Bill Russell won 11. Does that make Bill Russell better than me or make me better than him? No," Jordan sentenced. "Because we played in different eras. So when you try to equate who's the greatest of all time, it's an unfair parallel, it's an unfair choice... For me, I think they're both great. I would never say one is greater than the other."

Still, thinking he could've been even better just gives the chills.