Rude Starbucks Employee Forgot His Mic On As He Criticized Customer's Order

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Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi

One of the common occurrences in an organization is conflict between customers and employees. Successful organizations value their customers and always tell their employees to treat them with great respect. However, sometimes, employees come in contact with rude customers who test their patience. On the other hand, customers can meet unruly or rude employees that can cause them to have a bad day. 

When such things happen, how either party handles the situation goes a long way to resolving matters quickly. However, when either party proves headstrong, things can get worse. 

An example of a workplace conflict between a customer and an employee was brought to the fore recently on TikTok. A TikToker and longtime Starbucks customer, April Buckles, shared a video detailing her encounter with one of the company's staff. The loyal customer claimed she overheard the employee making jokes about her order. 

Get the full gist of April's encounter with the Starbucks employee below.

April Narrates Her Experience

April uploaded a video on her TikTok page detailing her experience. The video has gone viral, with over a million views and about 1,700+ comments. In the video, April sat in her car and asked her 400k followers to judge if she was being dramatic or not. She then detailed her experience at Starbucks. 

April acknowledged that her orders are typically complicated but mentioned that she has been a loyal customer of the brand for over ten years. She revealed she consistently ordered the same thing: a Trenta iced green tea with 14 packs of agave.

In addition, she claimed she usually cut up the agave herself. 

"I used to cut up the agave and put it in there myself before COVID came, […] because I feel bad," she says. "I know the service industry is hard."

A Nasty Exasperated Staff

April said that since the pandemic started, staff members have insisted on doing the work themselves, ostensibly to prevent the spread of germs. However, after she gave this particular drive-thru staff her order, he appeared exasperated.

This was the point the TikToker claimed she heard the employees make a joke about her order. 

"He left his mic on and was like, 'Yeah, have fun making that,'" April claimed. 

Besides being abrupt and slamming the door shut, April added that the cashier was rude as he handed her the drink and collected her payment.

The Staff Also Served April A Wrong Order

Sadly, things didn't end there. April added that she noticed that her cocktail wasn't made correctly. She then asked the employee if there was any agave at the bottom of the shaker, which she claimed he denied without even opening the shaker. The disgruntled customer also claimed that when she asked for a straw so she could check if the agave were still in her cup, the staff snatched a straw and gave it to her without saying anything.

The staff once more treated April rudely even though she was still being polite. He asked if she wants them to remake her order after she complained that her order didn't taste as it should have. However, April declined as the shop was about to close. 

Nevertheless, it appeared that he had already lost his temper because "he then proceeded to slam the door so hard that it [vibrated,]" she said after claiming he also rushed off, "swinging his hands in the air and saying a bunch of stuff."

At the end of the video, April said that she requested to see the manager though she had never taken that action before.

Other TikTokers Share Their Thoughts

As expected, other users rushed to the comment section to leave their comments. While many commenters wanted to know what the management did, others supported April, noting that the employee's actions were inappropriate as her order wasn't complicated. 

"As a former barista, this is an EASY drink. And the way you were treated was so out of line and uncalled for. I'm sorry this happened," read one comment. 



"So what did the manager do?" asked another user. 

One can only wonder what happened to the employee after April reported to the manager. Hopefully, he will learn a valuable lesson and treat customers better next time.