NBA Rumors: Sixers Could Land Cameron Reddish In Shocking Trade With Knicks

Cam Reddish
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Ernesto Cova

Now that Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell have found new homes, the rest of the league can focus on revamping their roster with mid-tier players and get ready for the start of the season.

That's why we'll see several extensions, trades, and even free-agent signings the next couple of weeks after weeks of halted transactions.

Sixers Aren't Done Yet

Montrezl Harrell
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Recently, the Philadelphia 76ers made another big splash in free agency. They signed Montrezl Harrell to a two-year deal, snatching one of the best Sixth Men in the league and one of the top names still available.

But that doesn't mean they're done making moves. Daryl Morey has been uber-aggressive this summer as he looks to end their championship drought, so you better believe he's still looking at ways to improve the roster.

With that in mind, NBA Analysis believes the Sixers could shock the world and send Matisse Thybulle and Jaden Springer to the New York Knicks in return for Cam Reddish.

Why Would Sixers Do This?

Cam Reddish
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Mattise Thybulle has the potential to be a generational defender. However, he's been a negative factor offensively for the Sixers, so they may look to add a better scorer in Reddish:

"Unfortunately, it’s also become clear that Thybulle is an offensive liability," the report read. "He started his NBA career connecting on a passable number of three-point attempts, but his accuracy has decline with every season. By now, it’s distinctly in the gutter. Thybulle isn’t much of a ball-handler either, so without a working three-pointer, he offers very little on offense."

What's In It For The Knicks?

Matisse Thybulle
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Simply put, this would be a no-brainer for the Knicks. They'd be pretty much stealing an elite defender in return for a guy that's not even a part of their rotation:

"Reddish fell completely out of the Knicks’ rotation by season’s end last year. Something tells us the same thing won’t happen to Thybulle – he’s the picture-perfect image of a Tom Thibodeau guy," added the report. "After all, Thibodeau is notoriously indifferent to offense. Defensive effort is all you need to make your way in his rotation. Thybulle provides it in spaces – he’s one of the best wing defenders in basketball."

Sixers Fans Won't Like This

Cam Reddish
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Needless to say, this would be a rather controversial trade for the Sixers. They refused to include Thybulle in deals for bigger stars, and it's not like Reddish has proven that he can be a consistent scorer, either.

The chances of this trade happening are quite slim, to say the least, although Reddish is still quite young and had plenty of upsides when he first entered the league.