Kaia Gerber Wows In A Bikini While Posing In Nature

Kaia Gerber
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Triston Brewer

Kaia Gerber knows a thing or two about fashion considering her pedigree, but now that she has moved up in the ranks as an elite fashion model in her own right, she is making inroads and forging her own path that would make her mama and papa proud!

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Kaia Hits The Great Outdoors In Bikini And With Pooch!

Kaia Gerber, 20, a fast-rising American actress and model, shows off in nature wearing a dark green two-piece bikini that is a winning summer look. With a dog in tow, she is enjoying her nature walk and a break from everything. With 8.1 million Instagram followers, Kaia Gerber keeps her fans active and entertained by sharing photos and videos of her life, career, workout, and achievements.

Kaia’s Ascent Was Destiny

Kaia Gerber
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Kaia Gerber has been touted as the next in line for supermodel fame almost as soon as she was born. Along with her brother Preston, the two have now joined the industry and basically sealed their destiny. As a famous model and the daughter of Cindy Crawford, she is a dead ringer for her mother, and many brands have hired her based on their similar appearance. Kaia made her way to the film industry after featuring in ad campaigns for fashion brands. She also made an impact while collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld, one of the biggest icons in the fashion world.

Kaia’s Workout Routine Is Fierce

Kaia Gerber
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It’s not just genetics to thank for Kaia having such a great body – she also works out! The elite model focuses on workouts to remain fit and slim ready for the runways and television appearances. She dedicates herself to intense workouts and says pilates changed her idea about wellness in a significant way. Gerber also performs abs workouts and breathing exercises to strengthen her core muscles. Besides working out, she is keen on her diet and more passionate about her breakfast, maintaining a well-balanced meal for the beginning of the day.

Kaia’s Upcoming Film Roles

Kaia Gerber in long blazer walking
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After sporting a stunning look recently in an Alexandra McQueen gown, she has landed a new role in the filming industry, and her fans couldn’t be more excited. The budding actress will now feature in the new high school sex comedy movie with Rachel Sennott as the lead character. Already, Kaia has amassed a movie career that rivals her mother’s and she is only getting started. Gerber’s fans can also possibly look for her next season in the upcoming edition of America’s Horror Story as Ryan Murphy has stated he likes working with her and the other young people in the cast.