Selena Gomez Stuns In Maxi Dress

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In her latest Instagram share, actress Selena Gomez continues her advocacy for mental health awareness. With an audience of 321 million people, the 29-year-old uses her platform to amplify the voices of the oppressed and champion the causes of the underprivileged.

Her makeup brand Rare Beauty donates part of its proceeds to its Rare Impact Fund, which helps people with mental health issues. Earlier this year, she penned a heartfelt message in the NY Times to her workers, thanking them for their service. In promoting her new partnership with Our Place, Gomez switched up her look.

A Very Colorful Campaign

Selena Gomez in feathery top
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The singer-songwriter wore casual maxi dresses to channel her "at-home" vibe for the new kitchen utensils she designed with cookware brand Out Place. The campaign took place in a garden, using the colorful flowers as the backdrop to her beautiful table arrangement.

Gomez wore a thin strap blue dress with a V-cut rest above her cleavage and styled her brown hair in a scanty bang.

Gomez Is Pretty in Olive

In the next slide, she showed another hot pink pot wearing a Fifties olive-green dress with a deep V-cut on the neckline. Despite its styling, the dress didn't show off her cleavage, and she kept her demure aesthetic going with the minimal jewelry pieces. Gomez wore hoop earrings with a thin double-layered necklace and multiple rings. The mini dress, however, showed off her toned legs.

Reconnecting With Your Roots

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Gomez's partnership with Our Place promises users a reconnection with their roots through cooking, and the cookware is suitable for everyone. According to the website, Our Place X Selena Gomez helps users in,

"Reconnecting with our roots through all ways we cook: as beginners or experts, perfectly or imperfectly, messily and joyously."

The pots, plates, glass cups, and knives come in two vibrant colors - Azul (matte cobalt blue) and Rosa (matte hot pink). On choosing those exciting colors, Gomez said,

"My main goal when I’m cooking is to have fun. This collection is designed for home-cooks like me who just need easy-to-use, multifunctional products."

Cooking Up A Storm For Charity

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According to the site, ten percent of the Collection's profits goes into the Rare Impact Fund to expand mental health services for young people. Gomez cooked all the food used in the campaign photoshoot, including French Toast, Upside-down Cake, Sunny-side-up eggs, pasta stir fry, and dumplings.