Sasha Banks In Bikini Flaunts Championship Belt

Close up Sasha Banks
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WWE Bombshell Sasha Banks earned a new Championship belt at Wrestlemania last month alongside her long-term fighting partner Naomi a.k.a. The Glow. The ladies revealed that they want new challenges and are shopping in the male department, having dominated the women's division back-to-back.

Metro UK reported Fatu saying she and Banks may be the best tag team globally. They're looking for everybody with no holds barred. Metro said they're open to fighting in all wrestling companies, from WWE to Wrestlemania, SmackDown, RAW, and NXT. With their talents, they may dominate the new arenas as well, but only time will tell.

Meanwhile, check out Sasha Banks' sexy wrestling bikini.

Showing Off Their Championship Belts

Sasha Banks in all purple
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The Wrestlemania fighter flaunted her championship belt alongside her ride-or-die partner Trinity Fatu. She wore a black and green print leather bikini featuring thigh-high boots and a mesh one-piece monokini.

The fighting sisters have been together since 2015 and used to be a trio before breaking into a formidable duo. Together, the ladies have dominated the women's division of Wrestlemania. During a sports conference, Mirror UK, reported Fatu saying,

"There are times where I don't wake up feeling my strongest or my best every day but having a partner there that motivates you and says, 'come on girl we got this'... I think that's very important."

Show Up And Show Out Like A Boss!

Banks sparkled in a grand sequin cape jacket and a complimentary blue bedazzled wrestling bikini featuring a cut-out bottom and strappy top. She wore a straight long blue weave with face art makeup. The athlete paired her look with a thigh-high blue and black pair of wrestling boots, flaunting her toned physique and fashion sense as she entered the ring, ready to rumble. The Wrestlemania champ flaunted her giant knuckle ring with the caption,

"Show up and show out #likeaboss."

Taste Of Diamonds

Banks is in her sparkly bling bag with her new diamond grills. She shared her excitement with five million-plus fans saying,

"Ahhhhhhhh 😭😭😭 So this is what diamonds taste like 🤤. Brand new 6 carat diamond Grillz to celebrate my big Mania win custom made by the #1 rated @SuperJeweler. They seriously are the best and can make you literally anything you want custom with the best diamonds and gemstones."

The Boss And The Glow

The ladies a.k.a. Boss and Glow, promise to keep glowing it up in the arena in their subsequent fights. Check out more sisterhood posts below.