How CrossFit Athlete Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr Boosts Her Energy

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr close up smiling
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5x Fittest Woman on Earth, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, isn't ready to relinquish her title anytime soon, and that's why she attended the PVRN Fitness Semi-Finals boot camp. She qualified for the next stage of the CrossFit Open competition alongside some other heavyweights athletes. Everyone is doing their best in preparation for this year's Games, and she doesn't want to be left behind hence her three-day marathon training.

Tia-Clair thanked her colleagues for a successful workout. She wrote,

"Thank-you so much to all the athlete’s that came to Nashville, TN to be apart of this epic weekend. It was amazing to meet you all."

Pre-Workout Training

Tia-Clair put her ripped abs on full display as she worked in the gym wearing a mismatched sports top and leggings. She packed her full brown curls into a messy bun to avoid getting tangled in the skipping rope. She wrote,

"Day 2 of the @prvnfitness semifinal athlete camp was even better than day 1. 👏🏼 I can’t wait to see what the PRVN team has in store for us today."

Boosting Her Energy

The athlete continues to boost her energy before training by taking a pre-workout. Specifically, she takes 1st Phorm's Project-1 pre-workout thirty minutes before her workout to enhance her energy, focus, strength, and performance and maximize her efforts.

"I love my @1stphorm Project-1, its a pre-workout that I take before my workouts. I mix 1 scoop in about 10 ounces of water and drink it about 30mins from working out."

While the workout was necessary to reach her goal, Tia-Clair told her followers she's looking forward to the rest of the weekend. She thanked the food sponsors for feeding the athletes during their training and shared more pictures showing her and some colleagues on an endurance run.

How Bad Do You Want It?

By the end of the Quarter-Finals last week, Tia-Clair sat on top with 10 points, and she credited her love for the journey as her source of strength. The 5x CrossFit Games champion asked her followers, "How bad do you want it?" because the desire fuels your effort. She already showed that she intends to make her 6th win as the CrossFit Women's Champion this year.

Facing Off Against Champions

The PVRN fitness camp ended on Sunday, and the athletes are ready for the next stage to determine who's the fittest person on earth. Tia-Clair would face-off against Sara Sigmundsdottir, Dani Elle Speegle, Annie Thorisdottir (2x Champion), and Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir.