Lucy Liu Shows Workout 'In Motion'

Lucy Liu
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Lucy Liu's agility and fitness have earned her several roles in different action movies, including Charlie's Angels films and the crime-drama series Elementary. Liu's remarkable works over the years have also earned her various accolades, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards. With her toned abs, accentuated by a head filled with dark raven curls, Liu has also made it to the front cover of magazines, and she is always ready to flaunt her stunning figure.

Liu's Perfect Stature

Lucy Liu in deep plunging tulle dress
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Famous for her swiftness when it is time to take down an enemy on set, Liu did not archive her fit body frame by luck. Liu knows her way around the gym, and the result of being genuine with exercises is written all over her. At 53, Liu is still as agile as she used to be in her 20s, and she has shared some of her ageless look secrets with fans a couple of times.

An Insight Into Liu's Workout Routine

Lucy Liu
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Liu, the second Asian-American woman to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, recently gave fans a glimpse at how she has maintained perfectly toned arms by posting a snap of herself at the gym. The single photo uploaded on Instagram featured Liu exercising with a tool for toned arms. She packed her hair away from her face and concentrated on her task. The snap got over 40,000 likes, and viewers filled the comments with positive energy. Liu captioned her update:

"Wellness in motion."

Maintaining Fitness 

Lucy Liu
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Liu doesn't joke when it comes to keeping fit. Her Instagram page boast pictures of some of her effect workout routines, including a snapshot of herself riding a stationery gym cycle. The image uploaded featured Liu in a two-piece athleisure that flaunted her toned abs. Her head was turned away from the camera as she was fixed on completing her exercise. The image has received 54,938 likes and lots of lovely reactions in the comments since it was posted.  


Fitness Routine and Wellness Habits

Lucy Liu
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Despite being in her 50s, Liu is still a stunner, and her perfect physique remains untainted. The Women's Health November cover star has been smashing her health goals for years, and she shared several secrets about her flawless looks after grazing the cover of Women's Health. One important self-care routine Liu follows is her plant-based diet. The actress was a Vegan who transitioned into vegetarianism because of her son's diet. Alongside Western medicine, Liu relies on Eastern-originated treatments - such as acupuncture, to support her health. She is also a Serious Spinner who prioritizes sleep and early nights. In addition to all her effective healthcare, Liu has no desire to live her life to please others, and she lives life the way she deems fit.